Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force: A Call to Action!

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

We have work to do! We can greatly affect our reality by doing our housecleaning now. If you feel so guided, use the audio tools provided here to take command of your life and create a new, upgraded and repolarized etheric so you can stop being affected by the negative karma that accumulated over many lifetimes.

When we upgrade ourSELVES, we upgrade the ONE.  The star nations are assisting with this, but we need to take responsibility and DO this as much as we possibly can for the upliftment of all.  Fascinating reading. We have much to learn to become the Galactic Race we truly are.  ~ BP

Aligning with the Greater Akashic Force 

A Call to Action! 

From eruptions and protests to historical weather and genius discoveries, our world headlines certainly capture the essence of the changing polarity fields and their ability to rip some things asunder.

Adding to…

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