“Universal forces or powers that you term”energy” have been increasing around, on, and inside your planet constantly for many ages. You have been hearing about this with regard to the power that is supplied around the world to run all of your electrical assistants, but are still unaware of what it means to you personally.

First and foremost, Energy is the life force of the universe; that part of God that is termed “Love”, or the creative part of the Supreme Intelligence, termed as “Universal Energy”. Universal Energy exists in all of the created universes, in all the far reaches of space, in your atmosphere, and in every cell of your bodies. All living things, whether vegetable or mineral, consist of Universal Energy. When matter dies or disintegrates, the Energy returns to the atmosphere or into the soil, there to create new life.
Human beings inhale Energy when they breathe and absorb it through the pores of their skin. That is why when a person’s skin is coated with tar, etc., the supply of Life Energy is cut off and the person will die, even if he or she can still breathe through the lungs a little. Skin is the most important part of your system of life. Burning the cells of the skin from too much exposure to the Sun can seriously damage the cells, which should be clear and unclogged. Wearing clothing of synthetic materials which let no air come through the woven fabic also prevents Energy from reaching the body’s cellular structure.
There is more to benefit by from this Energy flowing through your body than just enerizing the body’s factory of life; Energy is called “Love”, for it is through this Energy that the Supreme Creator touches its creations and maintains contact with all life forms. Breathing deeply creates and stimulates the Energy being drawn into your lungs which clears the mind and allows the deeper part of you to feel good. There is a calm given, a sense of wholeness and belonging, if you let yourself feel that sensation before you dash off to your morning activities. There are many fine books on deep breathing which explain this, although some of them do not understand the why’s of it. All the reading you do regarding spiritual matters is filled with the word “Love”. Think of that word as the Touch of God in everything you see, hear, or do.
What, you can’t feel it? Of course you can. Your moods are fueled by Energy; your own minds and bodies work with the Energy in your own beings and manipulates how it flows, producing your feelings about life. You call upon it when you feel angry and work up the nervous system to a fine pitch of screaming fury! You use it to fuel the anxieties and griefs; it is available to produce the healing tears. Energy is part of your early-warning system when something lurks behind the bushes you can’t see. Energy is alive; it is aware; it is the life force that runs the computer that is your brain.
Where would you be without Energy when that very special person comes into your lives? You are tapping into the deepest and most universal Love there is, for it is present in the Energy in your mind and bodies. Human beings are able to feel love for one another and for themselves because Love is the most important part of the every-present Energy of life.
Today, Energy is being changed in its intensity around your world because the Creator decreed from the beginning that humanity would become a race of Light Beings. This means that as time passes in the coming centuries your cellular structure will become less dense, your body much lighter. Your brain will become an organ that will incorporate every cell it contains, bringing new awareness and intelligence and, more importantly, the ability to communicate with your Higher Selves, or Soul Selves, the eternal spiritual part of your being. Even now, as the planet goes through its system of creative renewal, you are feeling an intensified Energy, experiencing unusual sleep patterns, days of restless Energy that are hard to work off; sometimes all you want to do is sleep. Sometimes your mind is so clear it almost chimes in delight; other times, you can’t remember anything! You are experiencing this increase in Energy within your minds and bodies, which is very troubling to many people. Relax, and go with it! Older people who learn not to fight these increasing frequencies are finding themselves feeling less stress and enjoying the world around them.
You can train yourselves to physically feel the difference in Energy flows. Your hands are powerful parts of your bodies where Energy flows in and out. Rub them together vigorously to stimulate the Energy; feel the Energy flow between the hands. When you can feel this, turn the hands to the sky, a few inches from a tree, over the ground, and you will learn to feel the different Energy flows all around you. Your minds and bodies should be relaxed and clear to be able to pick up these impressions accurately. When this is accomplished, you will be able to sense the Energy flows in the people around you. This is how a healer can find the spots of illness in another by the differences in how their Energy flows through a body.
You’ve always been aware, to some extent, of how other people’s emotions affect the very atmosphere around you. An angry person puts off powerful spurts that stir up an entire room. Someone who is full of Love Energy calms a room. With practice, you will be able to sense the finer feelings or emotions of people around you, which is a fine tool for getting to know others better and creating good relationships. Understanding those you love or just work with paves the way to forgiving their unthinking actions or words. This is spiritual awareness, for the intellect cannot sense, it can only respond to what it sees, feels and hears As you train your mind and the sensors and nerves of your body, you are peeling away a little at a time the veil between the spiritual knowledge your real being has accumulated for thousands of years and your human conscious mind. Sudden “knowing” will accompany the recognition of some new discovery or fact you were not aware of before. This is the way you will be able to discern truth from fiction regarding all you are hearing and reading, for you will know when it is true.
Universal Energy is a part of each of you that needs to be discovered, appreciated, and used. It is the fuel you need to travel into this new age of humankind’s greatness upon the Earth.
God Bless You All. “


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