For some time now, many things have been puzzling us, such as sinkholes, those enormous holes that have recently swallowed up houses and cars in Russia and also in America. Experts also are asking themselves what these gaping, circular holes are.

They are showing me large impacts of energy, invisible to our eyes and coming from the universe, but that is not all.

They are telling me:

“You have dug into and really mutilated the Earth such that there are more and more collapses because the energy of the Earth is in the process of changing in a considerable way.”

They are again showing me invisible, but very powerful impacts of energy. They are like cylinders of energy, but I don’t know what they are for. Maybe they will tell me a little later. They are telling me:

“There are several types of collapses.”

My consciousness is descending into the Earth and I am cold. It is disagreeable! They are showing me a very large underground life, notably in the United States, a life where certain beings not belonging to this world live. They are in the process of leaving it because for them it is changing too much and some beings are in the process of destroying the installations. This, especially in the United States, affects the earth’s crust considerably. They are telling me:

“You see the Earth as compact, but if you could see what we are showing our channel, you would see immense excavations that are sometimes several hundreds of meters and sometimes several thousand meters deep.

Your earth’s crust is very fragile and very thin in some places and certain ‘extraterrestrial communities’ have considerably dug into the Earth in order to live there; this has disturbed its equilibrium.”

What I am feeling right now is very bizarre! What I took for cylinders of energy of Light digging these holes are in fact forms created by a totally positive light. It is a light that is brought to this world in order to transform it.

Help is brought where there is much inferior energy in the Earth in relation to what our Brothers in the Light just said. I see very luminous types of machines. They have a somewhat oval form and they are pointed at each end; in the middle of this sort of structure there is a hole from which a powerful energy comes out and penetrates into the Earth. In some excavations there is no earth. The earth is absorbed. It is these luminous cylinders that absorb and destroy the Earth.

“Don’t forget that this world will be very different, that all that is inferior will be transformed by the Light, and that all the beings that are not prepared for this new cycle will be forced to leave.

Before leaving, they are destroying what they have built which also has a connection with the strange sounds heard by human beings in some countries. Underneath the Earth, there is an activity that is as large as some regions on the surface of the Earth.”

My consciousness is again brought to the interior of the Earth. I see much activity. I don’t really like this vision, but I see what we would call ‘grey beings’. There are three types: workers, searchers, and managers.

One of them is looking at me with large, astonished eyes because he perceives my presence.

“These beings have psychic faculties that humans do not possess.”

The being who is looking at me and who is a worker does not make me feel ill at ease. I would almost like to send him much Love – and this is what I do – because he needs it.

“In the universe, all beings need Love, even those who, in relation to you, destroy a little of your world and what you are. They have not yet awakened to Love, but any being emanating from the Source possesses within him a part of Love, a divine consciousness that is not yet awakened.”

I still see this little person. He is bustling about in all directions! There are many beings around him. There are large corridors illuminated with slightly pale light and tall beings that are rather tough.

I now see some strange machines. They are putting out a sort of greenish brown color. I am seeing other more impressive beings. Some do not resemble human beings at all; I can’t describe them because they are indescribable. They look a little like insects and they have a very disagreeable energy.

My Brothers in the Light are telling me:

“All of these beings are leaving the Earth because they are not at ease with the vibrations of this planet. However, some of them have adapted to the new vibration and could stay.’

They are showing me some of these beings who could live on the surface of the Earth; we would not distinguish them from other humans.

“These are hybrids! Some ‘extraterrestrial’ entities have saved their race due to this hybridization with humans. Hybrids could continue to live on the Earth if they adapt to its new vibration. If they do not adapt, they will leave this world.”

I am seeing more and more corridors, and still this dull light. I am very ill at ease and yet curious at the same time! As there are many corridors and because the energy is not what I would like, I think I will come back up.

Everything disappears and the Light and Love return in my heart and in my consciousness.

If we have allowed our channel to go and visit one of these bases, it is so that you understand that everything needs Love, even beings who have dominated this world and who, in a certain way, have created chaos. It is through Love that all will be transformed!

In the beginning, you could perhaps bother these beings by sending them Love because it is a vibration that inconveniences them; then they would integrate it, make it their own and be happy. They will not be awakened like you, but you will have sown some seeds that will grow within them.

Now, it is a little too late for them because they are going to leave the Earth more and more in order to liberate it. This is also the work of ‘Those who watch over!”

I understand now! They are showing me again those who watch over next to machines that I have not seen, machines with a bizarre shape, oval and pointed at each end with a hole in the middle; there are others, round like spaceships and that are de-polluting machines.

“These machines function in the third dimension and in higher dimensions.

There are so many things on Earth and beyond that you cannot even imagine what is going on! In a certain way, this is best!”


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