1. How to discern if a message is not from the Light:
“1.The message is a philosophical argument based on 3D thinking (assess and add up the total of a person’s actions to know what is in their hearts), instead of seeing it at any moment by the amount, color, and level of Light a person emits, their aura tells all.
2.The description of the writer’s method of reasoning to a conclusion is deductive – reducing a list of actions to its lowest common denominator and coming to a conclusion thereby. This is a classic “scientific” approach, using only what is obvious to the five senses, instead of having access to deeper evidence.
3.The writer shows no familiarity with the hierarchy of Heaven, or higher dimensions, or group working on behalf of Gaia.
4.The tone is one of derision, thinly disguised with “gracious” comments, it is judgmental, in spite of trying to sound generous and magnanimous, instead of not judge, neither slander individuals.

The messages of Heaven, are pointing out destructive acts and Dark organizations in order to warn you, to educate you and to keep you abreast of things going on which you had no way of learning, because the sources of information have been kept from you. They do not critique and judge and make conclusions for you about evidence that is obvious and easily available in the mainstream media. They leave that to you to judge yourselves.

Use your heart and your intuition to “read” between the lines of the many messages available to you on the internet. Do not read everything you can find and try to average them. Be discriminating. There are many channels who have very recently been “hacked.” Yes, it is possible to break in and “plant” a message if the channel is not paying close attention to the energy of the Being they are channeling. They may then accurately transcribe a false message.”

2.How to read a great deal of invaluable, high frequency information from messages
If a message is hurriedly skimmed for relevant content in order to get on with the busy-ness of the day, and/or read solely through the linear processes of the brain, about 80-95% of a message will be missed. This is because the brain is a 3rd dimensional technology that throws out all higher frequencies as irrelevant!
If you try to follow it through your ego-brain programming (which IS linear), it will go on overload, and you’ll become dazed, confused, or sleepy. To RECEIVE all of the transmission, you really need to read it a few times, taking it in through your heart center–which IS multi-dimensional–and don’t “try to put it altogether.” Your heart will do that FOR you as it processes the frequencies over the next few days, and then, all of a sudden –you’ll GET it–the whole gestalt,, as one flash of awareness.
If you place your attention in your heart center with the intention of reading from there, however, you will allow your heart’s multi-dimensional intelligence to perceive the frequencies that are carried by the word patterns. You will then take in much, much, more, both consciously and on an energetic level. What you take in consciously will mushroom into insights on a very personal level. What you take in energetically will both re-align your own energies, and sprout into awarenesses and inspirational ideas over the next few days.
A few tips can be helpful, though, so here are some to get you started:

Relax. Take deep breaths. Begin to breath into your heart.

Feel your attention drop into your heart with each inhalation.

With your imagination, allow an image that makes you feel peaceful, content, and just plain happy come to your awareness. It can be anything at all, as long as it doesn’t have “strings attached,” like need, sadness, or associations with people you have complicated feelings about. Feel the image as if you were right inside it.

Then inhale and feel, or imagine, your heart opening like a flower.

When you feel heart-centered, open, and ready, begin to read the words right through your heart. Let them in through the eyes, pass briefly through the brain as it rapidly decodes the written language, and then smoothly, without stopping in the brain, take them right down into your heart.



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