Messages ~ Jeshua prin Pamela Kribbe

Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou

High Council of Orion Messages (Natalie Glasson) !!!!! — Channels — Marc Gamma – Telepathic — Meredith Murphy – Telepathic Transmission —– channelings from the christ energy —- !!!! Centrul spiritual de rezonanță și comunicare cu ființele extraterestre benefice (Hilarion) ~~ SaLuSa (Madad) !!!! Mark Kimmel (Andromeda) ~ ASHTAR !!!!! Karen Doonan !!! !!! – Michael Ellegion

Michael Channels:
• Ashtar • Archangel Michael• St. Germain • Kuthumi • Quan Yin
and many other Key Members of the Cosmic Team! — Meredith Murphy ~ Message from the Angels of Light ~Telepathic Transmission ~ Telepathic communication with Sirian ET’s ~ Steven Beckow ~ An hour with an Angel ~~Awakening with Suzanne Lie — Arcturian Group
***Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about how the Light wins!
HATONN: —delivering the truth to the four winds of earth
***Salusa, Hatonn — The Wake Up Calls!

***An hour with an Angel
**Grener interview: – Arh. Gabriel —-Sheldan Nidle — Arh.Michael —-SanJaska on Wes Annac !!! Consiliul Asistenta Pamant —Steve Beckow — God’s sacred alliance – mesaje pleiadieni
*** mesaje Matthew Ward: !!!! news about disclosure — Salusa —- Dr.Greer!/read/following/


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