Tolec Dakote Interview

Tolec Dakote Interview on YouTube from May 17th, 2013
by 2012thebigpicture

Embedding of this production is denied, so if you would like to listen to Tolec’s interview from May 17th, you may do so via this link.

Tolec says that when he visits the Andromedan biospheres, he asks his questions in several different ways so he is certain he is getting the information and answers he really needs and understands perfectly. Most recently, he was there a couple of weeks ago.

He covered a lot of territory in this interview, including that we can expect some major Earth changes—as in much more significant than anything we have seen to date.

He clarifies his use of Transition versus Transformation, and explained the misunderstanding earlier this year when he relocated, and that Ascension will most likely take place in January of 2014.

Perhaps most interesting of all was Tolec’s suggestion that when the Earth begins to crack open, mostly along existing fault lines, and the few remaining reptilians are exposed, they may attempt to take over areas of the Earth again… take it as you will.

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