You can significantly RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY by working with the Rainbow Rays.

People are very much affected by COLOR. That’s because color is ENERGY MADE VISIBLE.

Each color is a different frequency of LIGHT.

Since people are now realizing Light has Consciousness, it is easier to understand that color affects our lives every day.

So, it is very crucial to understand at least the basic Metaphysical properties of the Rays.

Tip:   By lighting a colored candle, you are inviting the ENERGY of that Ray into your home and Spirit.

Need to purify negative energies from your space? WHITE.

Boost of concentration or inspiration? YELLOW.

Spiritual/emotional harmony lacking? BLUE.

Need money/prosperity? GREEN.

Feeling lonely or unloved? PINK.

Inner child needs healing, lacking creativity? ORANGE.

Need physical energy/Earth-grounding? RED.

Making un-wise decisions lately? PURPLE.

Some colors will “call out” to you, urging you to bring in more of that color/energy into your surroundings – I hope this gives you some ideas to brighten up your life! =)

Peaceful Blessings,

Ari Ellumina

(Cosmic Awakening)


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