Divine Mother

maria llena de gracia

Mother Mary
My son within your heart I feel the joy of humanity as it approaches its grandest dance of joy.
Day by day the energies shift and grow in frequency as decreed by the Father/Mother of All.
As I gaze upon you and hold you in the embrace of my heart I feel the purity and the love humanity carries within. This is now the time of great awakening and as the tide changes and the waves of the cosmos move you all forth in the higher octaves of light. Heaven rejoices as the day of the great Thanksgiving approaches.
Humanity is deep within the fold of divine unity and you are all beginning to realize there is indeed no separation and we are all as one.

The beloved soul you call Mother Earth has now fully taken her crystalline self and her grid of light is now fully realized you now live in a holy planet pure in its crystalline core and burning with the sacred triple flame as it moves deeper and higher within her path of unity realization.
In the days to come upon the arrival of the day of gratitude three days henceforth humanity shall begin its mirroring of this sacred union as your hearts match the three fold flame of Mother Earth as you all hum and sing in unity and as this takes place you will all align with the core of your cosmos becoming as one heart beating in a beautifully orchestrated symphony of love.

I am here now with the legions of heaven ready to bear witness to the greatest change of all, to the day when Humans become the creators of love and the conscious carriers of the sacred flame within your loving hearts.
Know your DNA has fully activated and the light codes within it awakened to be able to carry the sacred fire of the Almighty.

My beloved children may you carry this holy flame with love and humility in your hearts.
I now bless you all with the love that only pure love can know.




Isabel Henn


Don’t fight

My child, do not oppose and do not fight against that, you do not like. No matter what it is. All that which you resist will persist, and will at the most only get stronger because you give it energy. If you want something to get rid of or change, then send your love into it. Look at it, send your unconditional love into the situation and let go. This is the only reasonable method to really change something. The more you fight and struggle against, the more stronger however the resistance of that you’re fighting against will grow. Do you understand this? You know now, love heals everything. ~

Your Divine Mother

Solar flares

My Child, You may groan under the intensity of the energies that the solar flares carry to you. The purpose of these energies are, to wake you up more and to prepare you for Ascension. The intensity of the light will increase more. You can compare this with your dawn. It will be brighter and you will finally wake up. So it is with the energies of the light. You do not see them already, but feel them in your whole body. Again, my advice to allow, to rest much and drink plenty of water so your body can handle the energies better. We are observing you and the effects of the energies on your body exactly. Nothing is left to coincidence, that doesn’t exist at all, and we make sure that there is not too much for you. ~

Your Divine Mother

Be the Lighthouse

My child, I ask you to be there in the coming weeks and months for your slowly awakening fellow men. They are still half asleep and have forgotten who and where they are. Stand by them when they ask you or obviously need help. Don’t impose yourself on them, but be accessible for them. Be the lighthouse showing them the way to the safe haven. Take them by the hand when they ask and show them the way back to me. You already know it, my child. It leads through your heart. I love you. ~

Your Divine Mother

What you are

What are you, my child?

You are love, you are unconditional love, born out of my essence. You are part of my creation, a part of my Self. You are a beautiful immortal being. Your soul may be young or old, but it is immortal and will “someday” re-merge with me. Sometime in the infinity of Being, we will both completely be also energetically and physically ONE again. You are not separate from me. All separation is only an illusion. In truth as a part of me you are connected as with invisible threads inseparable from me. Enjoy your earthly life, my child. Make your experiences, let your light and your love so beautifully illuminate the Earth, and later, in all eternity, come back to me, my Beloved. ~

Your Divine Mother

Your complaints

My child, I do not understand why you still complain about your life. It’s what you think about. I have given you all the tools you need to lead a happy contented life. You have to use them only. If you complain, you are manifesting but just more of what you complain about. Get away from the frequency of lack and go into the frequency of having. You can do this during your meditation and dream and manifest out of this vibration. However, as long as you think lack, you will manifest only more lack. I know that this is sometimes not easy for you, but it is possible. If you really want this, you can do it. Do you think, then, I would not care for you? I can do this but only if you raise your vibrations in the corresponding direction, and trust me, that will be delivered to you what you “need”. It may not be what you specifically are imagining, but it will be what is good and useful for you in this moment. Trust me, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Stay in your heart

My child, stay in your heart, whatever happens. This will help you through all the storms and troubled times. In your heart you can find the peace and safety that lead you through the tides. There you can make and hold the connection to your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and me. This is extremely important right now. We are all with you, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Note: The following talk is connected to it:

I: Does this message means, it will now start soon?

DM: It means it has already started, my little one. It is so important that you all remain calm and relaxed now. This will only work if you are in your hearts. Everything is going according to the plan and there is no reason to be worried. But it may take some time until you can all experience the effects properly. And you know, our concept of time is different than yours. But it has begun. Even for you.


My child, you are, like all human beings on earth, ultimately a Starseed (Starseed). Man as Such was created from genetic material from people of other planets and stars, and brought to Earth eons ago. Especially the Pleiadians and Sirians were decisively involved in this. A few ages ago this genetic material was refreshed and supplemented with selected features of humanoid beings. You see to it that you are not alone in the universe as a human being. This also explains your longing when you look at the starry sky at night. Your cells know that their origin is originally from outer space. There are old starseeds incarnating on earth since time immemorial, Starseeds incarnating for only a few thousands of years, or relatively young ones, which have few or just one single incarnation on earth. However, this says nothing about the age of the soul. One day you will unite with your stellan family again, and that day is fast approaching. You are loved, my child, from them and from me. ~

Your Divine Mother

The journey into your inside

My child, without the veil of oblivion you could not fulfill your mission. The pain of memories would be too much for you. It was absolutely necessary that you forget everything so that you could work out anything new and in this working out anew you  can pass on to your fellow man your experiences and cognitions of it. The fog of forgetfulness was in this sense a blessing for you. Now it is getting thinner and memories, knowledge and skills are slowly but surely coming back to you. Through meditation you can speed this up a bit. Pay attention to what you see in it, hear and feel. Pay attention to what your intuition gives you and on your dreams. You’ll remember that way much. You are a multidimensional being, my child, and you know and can do more than you can imagine now. Start on the journey into your inside and rediscover yourself there. You’ll be amazed at what you can find there ~

Your Divine Mother

Accept yourself

Love yourself more, my child. You have still to do something in this regard. And love your fellow man more. If you see enemies in them, they are the mirror image of your own. Then you are still hostile to yourself. Accept yourself as you are, unconditionally. Who says that your life has to be flawless? How can you gain experience when you are afraid of making mistakes? And you learn yet more from your mistakes and failed attempts. They tell you what works and what does not work. So live my child, and love yourself. Accept yourself. Unconditionally. Can’t you love yourself in as much as I love you? Without reservations and conditions? ~

Your Divine Mother


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